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Commercial and Contractor Services Available State-Wide. 

GU Offers state-wide Commercial and Contractor Services from private utility locating to complete locate management and process scheduling. We can assist in preventing underground utility damages on your job site.


**I would highly recommend George for all of your underground utility locates. His response time was prompt and the job thorough. Everything we found was spot on and we had no issues. George went above and beyond expectations for the job at hand.

Travis D.-Owner

Local  Well Drilling Service

**George, Thank you for the excellent service that you have provided to us on multiple occasions. In the construction industry, there have been many times that we have had to call on George to get us an exact location of lines that are below ground.  Even after going through the 811 locating process, we have found that it is often worth it to have him come in and locate anything else they can find in and around the dig areas, from water lines to buried power lines to low volt wires.  We have been very happy with the quality of work and competitive pricing that George has been able to provide. 
If you need to know what’s below the ground, don’t hesitate to call them.  They are friendly, accurate and very detailed in the work that they do.  We look forward to working with Gumfory Underground in the future!
 Arliss W.  Project manager

Local Construction Firm

**I have used G-U several times. Great response time and services are above and beyond. My ability to call them directly and their ability to bill our office makes it easy to work with them. Highly recommend!

Steve S.  Superintendent  Asphalt Services 

**George, the locates you did for me out in Point MacKenzie were right on. I carefully dug down within a foot of your estimate* and had very little hand digging to do. Good job!

Galen G. Local Contractor

George worked with Dirtworks in Denali National Park on a federal project with 50 years worth of utilities in the ground. Over 3 long days George and the Superintendent identified over 100 different utilities, most of which had not been called out in the plans. Over the course of the project we didn't hit a single utility in 80 or so crossings. We could not have done the project successfully without George Gumfory, he is highly recommended.  Ben C. Dirt Works

​​On Site Utility Monitoring gives the utility owner the ability to monitor their facilities during direct conflict excavation or bore crossing.


 When digging directly on locate marks, the contractor can opt to have a Locate Technician onsite and hooked up to the cable.


Frequency receivers are placed on both sides of the dig area while a signal is transmitted down the cable. The signal strength and tone is monitored while the excavation is underway.


We also refresh the locate marks with paint and flags. 


If the cable becomes compromised, the utility is notified immediately of the location and severity of the damage. Steps are taken to secure the area and prepare the site for the splicers or lineman to work.


The need for this service is seen mostly in the fiber optic industry where the cost of a damage could be great. It is ALWAYS safer to hire a technician to monitor and maintain the locate area.

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