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Now available!


GU has teamed up with a Canadian GPR manufacturer to bring the best possible GPR and concrete scanning equipment to Alaska. GU intends on providing GPR services across our great state to clientele who require precision underground utility location services. 



GPR-Concrete Scanning is now available! 

GU has worked with Sensors and Software to add the Conquest 100 Advanced  GPR Concrete Scanner to our list of tools available to us in order to provide the best possible location data of inslab rebar, post tention cables, radiant heat tubing, communication and power cables, floor drains and sewer/water lines.

This equipment and additional services provided was launched MAY 15th 2018! Scroll down to see some of our completed projects utilizing this equipment. 

GPR-Utility Location not yet available..

GU intends to add the Noggin GPR Utility Smart Cart to our fleet by Fall of 2020. Check back or call for more information. 

NOT YET available

Check back for updates


A very special THANK YOU to Daniel Bigman of Bigman Geophysical and of course,

Because of his "you can learn GPR" approach, combined with the video tutorials, lessons, seminars and hands on training, GU will be able to provide this much needed service to the day to day contractor, home owner and geological/environmental consulting firm at a cost that is now affordable and reasonable to the needs of the industry. 

GU highly recommends checking out Dan's Learn GPR courses and online training. 

"Have locator -- Will travel" This little guy is fun to use. Cant wait to get the big brother!! 
                   Check out some of the creative ways we have put this unit to work.

EM coupler induction used to locate a 200pr telco cable in conduit under the buildings slab floor from the communication room to exterior source/telco ped. GPR/Concrete X-ray used to verify the exact location and depth as well as concrete thickness prior to extensive sawing and trenching for new water lines. The cables location was not called out on any existing plans or as builds but is intended to be used after remodel therefore critical it and the conduit remain intact.

A creative and noninvasive method for locating cellular lease area conduit housing nonmetallic fiber optic cable with no trace. 


The Conquest 100 Enhanced GPR/Scanner with PCD gave us a visual of the conduit and depth as well as verify the location of the power conduit previously located with EM locating equipment. 


(The tow straps are used to create and even flat surface for the calculating wheel to turn equally.) 




Needing to know the exact location of the pipe was crucial. However, we were restricted in the amount of gear and freight we could carry due to the accessibility and remoteness of the village.


Knowing that the penstock was only a few feet from the top of pipe to surface and near the power, I shipped in the Conquest 100 advanced w/ PCD with the hopes of seeing the air pocket or the top half of the pipe as a hyperbola near the bottom of the screen and a PCD spike over my EM locates.


Results were amazing. A consistent hyperbola and PCD spike. Some areas had several feet of separation between the electrical and the penstock. Potholing verified the accuracy of the hyperbola readings and the trench line was adjusted accordingly.


3600 feet of trenching completed and no encounters with the penstock or power/controls.


This little guy has became a regular tool in my toolbox. It's a good thing they come with a Pelican case.


Earlier this fall, I was EM locating a control line that traveled underground 3600' from the power generation plant up the side of a creek to the dam. This line paralleled an 18" HDPE penstock. Documents suggested that the 18' plastic pipe was with the power but there was no evidence suggesting where in the trench.

Check back Fall of 2020 for updates on our deployment of full scale GPR. 


Thank you for your business. You support a local shop who also supports the local shops. Together, lets make GPR affordable and effective here in Alaska. 

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