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Site Preparation and Lease Area Acquisition Locating

GU specializes in site acquisition and lease area utility damage prevention by providing site preparation services that include full communication with the Alaska One Call center, documentation of utility locates performed by the utility locators, completion of private utility locates and photo documentation of all locates performed on site.


This service was pioneered by George Gumfory in 2013 and has shown great success in practically eliminating underground utility damages by contractors digging in and near cellular lease areas and new site acquisition areas. By early 2015 Gumfory Underground has completed site preparation services at over 30 cellular sites across the state of Alaska.


Project managers have found that this cost effective alternative to the conventional one call process has saved time and money while providing a much needed service to the cellular construction industry. Construction personnel have noted a higher level of confidence and safety while digging near locates provided by Gumfory Underground.


Tower owners have expressed gratitude for this service because not only does the private utilities get located but a trained individual is on site to meet with the public locators to provide access and supervision during the locate process. 

Bridging the gap between the One Call process, utility mapping and private locating by offering an ALL-IN-ONE Site Preparation Service exclusive to engineering construction and design.

Cellular and data tower construction companies utilize our services before excavating within a tower lease area to insure that any private utilities are located. 

SITE SERVICES explained:

GU travels to and identifies the exact location of dig area per construction design.


Mark location to guide locators to the right area.

On residential properties, this eliminates the need for utility locators to over locate and leave unsightly utility marks on lawns, gardens, driveways or other areas where utility locates are otherwise not needed. Property owners have expressed gratitude for this service alone. 


Notify the Alaska one call-center of an intent to excavate.


Include explicit turn by turn directions, GPS, and maps to the dig area.


Notify construction managers of any potential obstructions in the dig area that would need to be moved. Supply immediate photo documentation via email if requested.


Be available on site to the construction managers during the locate process in the event that the dig area or site needs to change and information needs to be updated.


Be available on site to meet with the contracted utility locators per utility.


Verify utility location and accuracy with the utility locator on site. 


Address any discrepancies found between my locates and the utility companies locates.


Thoroughly search for any unlocated utilities and attempt to find the utility owner to request proper locate.

Some remote utility companies are not members of the one call system. This includes Golden Valley Electric (GVEA) in the Fairbanks/North Pole area South to Cantwell and most remote village Power and telecom co-ops. 


Make contact with and request underground utility data from nonmember utility. 


Independently locate any utilities found in the event that the utility is not a member of the one call center. 


Compile data on water and sewer for both municipal and private systems to assess need for locates. Most municipal sewer and water systems do not locate the service lines.


Attempt to locate buried water lines from mainlines or wells to structures and verify electrical lines to well pumps. 


Independently contract and obtain a licensed and insured sewer professional or plumber to assist in locating sewer lines if needed.


Make contact with property owners to schedule site meet for access to residential water and sewer points.


Be available in the late evenings or early mornings to property owners to accommodate their scheduling if needed. 


Provide a final site sketch of the entire dig area to include all underground utilities and anomalies found. 


Provide clear high-resolution photographs and/or videos of all underground utilities located.


Provide a copy of the field notes which includes times and dates of encounters with utility locators and property owners. As well as a running log of events and any other pertinent information to the job site. 


Verify that all utilities are staked, flagged and/or painted and are easily identifiable to construction crews. 



We have utilized Gumfory Underground MANY times in the last two years and every report is complete, on time and contains with MORE than our required info. They have located an active natural gas line that was previously missed by other locates. This would most likely have resulted in loss of life or at a minimum, loss of equipment and revenue due to the proximity of our pile driving. We recommend Gumfory Underground to our partners and clients and will continue to do so in the future. 

Joe H.-President

Communications Contractor

George has preformed great work for us on several occasions. The options he offers are great and does extremely good work. We will continue to use him on future projects.

Clinton B.-Project Engineer

Geotechnical Engineering Firm 

I can HIGHLY recommend the underground locate services provided my Mr. George Gumfory. I know that I can send a crew to the site and begin excavation for a tower foundation and other structures with full confidence. The accuracy and detail he provides in a written report are excellent, and backed by clear high-resolution photos of the site. I would place his skill level above the locates the utilities provide. I hope he continues to operate independently because he will always by my preeminent choice for this invaluable task. His services included making the request into the Call-Before-You -Dig hotline, and is spot on for the address and scope of locates required.

Robert S. T.-Teleco Const. Manager

Cellular Tower Construction



I have worked with George for the last 3 years. He is professional, thorough and accommodating. He always finishes the job on time and consistently delivers an accurate close-out. I would recommend him to anyone for their locate needs.

Skip S. Project Manager 

Cellular Tower Construction



If anyone is looking for a high quality locating service, Gumfory Underground is the place to go. Not only are they responsive, they are easy to work with and deliver a high quality report, with photographs and a sketch of the area you need located. They are our go to locating company in the state.

Duane W. Management

Cellular Tower Construction



Gumfory performed several locates for us in 2013. On two seperate occasions, GU identified live unmarked utilities missed by locators.

In 2015, GU located cable that was declared unlocatable by the utility. He was spot on with the location and depth. We rely on his mapping and documentation when working remotly in winter conditions. Highly reccomend!

Brad W. Construction Foreman

Tower Upgrade/Site Management

This is what you can expect from Gumfory undergrounds' Site Services Package which includes direct communication in the form of documentation, photographs, sketches, final site maps and any other pertinent information about the jobsite to your Project Managers. Armed with this information construction crews can dig safely within a lease area knowing that all private  AND public utilities are accurately located and identified.

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