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*Power from the meter on the pole or remote meter base (RMB) to the residence or other buildings


*Power from a generator building, wind or solar supply station to a reverse meter or meter base switch


*Gas or power lines from a residence or primary building to a secondary or out building after the primary meter      


*Water and power to the well head. The average well has a power line running to the well head that supplies power to the pump in the bottom of well. A water line returns from the well to the structure. In some instances, the waterline and power feed may not be together or there may be a buried T on the waterline to feed multiple buildings. During a well failure or pitless repair, it is good practice to hire a private locator to confirm the location and depth of the power feed so that it is not damaged while fixing the waterline or repairing the pump.


*Residential septic systems


*Power to private driveway lights, block heater plugins, remote power outlets, hot tubs, saunas, chicken coops, heated equestrian water supply systems, septic lift stations, business signs and parking lot lighting.


*LP (propane) lines from the tank to the residence or exterior grill or patio


*Natural gas lines from the meter to a detached shop or garage


*Cable lines to a satellite dish or antenna.


*Phone lines between buildings

After The Meter? We Got You Covered!

Did you know that YOU could be the owner of private underground utilities? After the meter power and gas lines are the responsibility of the property owner and are not located when a locate request is generated through the One Call Center.


Here are some examples of private utilities: 

Residential and Consumer Owned Utility Locating Services

Available in the Matanuska, Susitna and Copper Valley areas

as well as the Denali Borough and State and Federal Parks 


I was unable to meet with the utility locators on my property while working on the slope. I contacted Gumfory Underground and they did the wole thing for me. They called 811, staked the locates and emailed me pictures and maps. They also located the power to my hangar. Great Service! Highly Recommend!! 

Lance-Home owner   Willow AK

    Locates were right on!



    Talkeetna AK

Thanks for meeting me so late in the afternoon. I didn't know the line was that shallow and probably would've hit it for sure.

Gary & Sarah Recreational Cabin 

Trapper Creek AK

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